My Jinternet Idol

19 06 2007

I admit it. One of the reasons I decided to inflict my particular flavor of insipid writing on the web is because of one person who calls himself Pimplepopper.

He used to be an IT guy who quit IT to become a showbiz writer. I’d read the articles in a local showbiz magazine where he would invite himself to the bedrooms of popular actresses and take nice pictures. In the interests of gender equality, I’m sure Pimplepopper goes into the bedrooms of popular actors as well, but I don’t think those articles ever saw the light of day.

Anyway, he quit that too and has diverted his acerbic wit and literary prowess to the web for the past couple of years. His writing and choice of topics is, shall we say, interesting, to say the least. If you met him in person, you’d think that he was this lovable teddy-bear kinda guy and not capable of writing about the stuff he writes about.

He got married recently, and has written about his nuptials on his blog. When my wife saw the wedding and vacation pictures, she thought Pimplepopper and Missus Pimplepopper live such a blissful and beautiful life. I decided to show her otherwise with one of Pimplepopper’s recent blog entry on marital bliss.

That sure convinced her. Now I have Pimplepopper requesting me to tell my wife that he is not a worshipper of underworld denizens.

Oops, too late.

Pimplepopper, you’re my idol. I want to learn how to write like you. I find your ideas intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

If they had a Jinternet-Idol reality game show/contest about blogging with Ryan Seacrest in it, you’d have my vote via SMS in a heartbeat.




One response

20 06 2007

This post needs more to talk about my p3n15 a little more.

Edited for Parental Guidance purposes by Jinternets.
Jinternets sez: Sorry, Pimplepopper, I still don’t have the guts to put in your terminology as is. That’s why you’re my jinternet Idol! But I’ll try.

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