The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime

19 06 2007

When I was in gradeschool, every boy in school had Transformers.

Except me.


I was stuck with dinky Gobots, or MachineRobos as they were known in Japan. I had a few Takara toys that Hasbro had used as the basis for some Transformers characters, but they just weren’t the same without those heat-sensitive Autobot/Decepticon stickers. So back then, I really felt like an outcast. I even successfully traded five MachineRobos in immaculate condition for a really beat up Wheeljack figurine (he who transforms into a Lancia Stratos with Alitalia sponsorship), only to have the embarrassment of my life when my mom went to the other guy and demand my MachineRobos back. The mental scars are still there.

Disclaimer: Okay, I know that Transformers were quite expensive then. But I still pined for them. If it makes you any happier, I never got one back in school. Happier now?

Anyhoo, a lot has happened then. My last significant memory of the Transformers has been the animated cartoon movie where my favorite Autobot Optimus Prime died (and I cried), some big planet robot thing with Orson Welles’ voice chomped at Cybertron, and an emo Autobot named Hot Rod became the new Prime (he sucked at being Prime). I never saw anything after that, but looking at Wikipedia apparently a lot of Transforming has been happening since then. The story’s gotten quite long, with offshoots like Beastwars, Armada, and now we have a live-action/CGI movie coming in a few weeks.

Along the way they brought Optimus back to life, and I’m sure he was returned in a prim-and-proper way. I would still prefer it they did it below (be forewarned that this might mutilate your childhood memories):




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19 06 2007

There was this ‘toy fair’ at Megamall last Saturday and I saw him. We paid P70 for the entrance just to have a picture with Optimus Prime and Mazinger Z

19 06 2007


Transformers like Optimus and Super Robots like Mazinger Z don’t belong in the same reality/space-time continuum.

The world should’ve imploded at that point in time at Megamall.

Sometimes I’m still amazed at the depth of geekiness I can sink to.

19 06 2007

geek ka talaga! what’s “imploded?” gosh…i need to consult Mr. Webster when I read your blog

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