Formula One French GP 2007

3 07 2007

Ferrari’s Back!

Ferrari Flag

Or so it seems that way with a scarlet 1-2 at the Circuit de Nevers at Magny Cours, but we’ve seen signs of that resurgence in the USGP a couple of weeks back. And hey, Kimi’s back too, pulling a Schumi-esqe pitstop that catapulted him over teammate Felipe Massa to the front of the grid. He also overtaked Mclaren’s Lewis Hamilton at the start of the race to gain second place. Bear in mind though that the Mclaren’s weren’t running on top-spec with their engines allegedly on “safety mode”, and that they did try for a more conservative 3-stop strategy. And oh, McLaren Team Principal Ron Dennis is saying something about Ferrari not being good as they looked.

Lewis also pulled off a nail-biting move over Robert Kubica right after his second pitstop. Lewis came out of the pits and found Kubica alongside him with the inside line. They raced wheel to wheel and got really close, but Lewis prevailed in the end. (Hey good to see Kubica back in action after the horrific 180kph crash at the Canadian Grand Prix!).

Fernando Alonso wasn’t too shabby too this time around, dishing out an overtake move on Nick Heidfeld at the tight chicane, showing why he is a World Champion. If he keeps this up, and channels his frustration into properly chasing Hamilton, then we’d have good races for the rest of the season.

Super Aguri driver Anthony Davidson got pranged by Liuzzi’s wayward car and they were out early on. Personal favorite Takuma Sato got 16th place from his starting position at the back of the grid (he got a 10-place demotion courtesy of his overtaking of Jenson Button at the USGP while Ralf got away scot-free after he took out two other cars. Not fair!), and this was mostly due to those drivers who dropped out of the race. Not a good Sunday to cap a weekend full of mechanical issues for Super Aguri.

In other news, Jenson Button got the Honda works team’s first ever Championship point. Finally. Their B-Team, Super Aguri, has got 4 points with last year’s Honda car!

This is the last F1 race to be run at this particular track, and to a lot of people the Circuit de Nevers is not something really memorable. That’s not the case for me. This racetrack has forever ingrained itself in my memories as the place where Albers tore out the refuelling rig hose connected to his Spyker (check the link out, there’s a Pic!); why he was in such a rush to get back out on track and not pay attention to the Lollipop Man is still unknown. Comedy Gold.




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