Yo Mama got Jinternets!

21 07 2007

And a lot of it too.

40Gbps of it, in fact. To you and me, that’s the capability to download a full-length movie from the internet in 2 seconds.

Sigbritt Lothberg of Sweden, 75, arguably has the fastest residential broadband connection in the world.

The connection requires at least USD100,000 worth of Cisco equipment (including a Cisco CRS-1 and OC768 DWDMPOS linecard, for the initiated/nerds/geeks), but I think she ran out of rackspace in her home’s datacenter and has had to put said expensive hardware in the garage:


More pics found here.

And what does she do with it? Read online news sites.

Before any of you gearheads start raising hell about the waste of bandwidth and equipment, just remember that this is a technology demonstrator to show that it’s possible to have high-bandwidth connections over long distances (up to more than 1,000 miles apart) between two network routers.  Or at least Sigbritt’s son claims.


Shenanigans in F1!

4 07 2007

Ferrari’s not only back, they’re also on the legal warpath.

They’ve filed suit against one of their mechanics, Nigel Stepney for allegedly sabotaging their F1 cars with a mysterious “white powder” and leaking proprietary information, then sacked him. Stepney, who’s currently on vacation somewhere here in my part of the world, denies the allegations.

McLaren, for that matter, has suspended a senior member of the technical team after they confirmed that this person had “personally received a package of technical information from a Ferrari employee at the end of April.”

 Of course, McLaren deny that they took any advantage of it. I’m no expert, but I believe that car development takes time measured in weeks or months; if they got stolen information from Ferrari only in April I would think any such adjustments would just be coming out… right about last month. Hm. Gotta rethink that.

The whole shebang is probably the biggest F1 scandal in recent history and threatens to cast a shadow over the legitimacy of the races this season. The whole timing of this thing is really unfortunate as we’ve been having an exciting season so far. There’s a quick summary with links to the full stories behind this sordid story over at Planet-F1.

I can certainly appreciate pitlane drama, but this scandal is just too much excitement for me especially if it means that the Drivers and Constructors Championship will be decided in the courts and not on the racetracks. Certainly bad news for Lewis Hamilton who’s currently leading the points chart.

Shenanigans! This post has the official seal of dismay.