Super Bad Brad! (a.k.a. Grungy Gaye)

5 08 2007

Found this on one of my usual haunts on the jinternet.  

Man… this is just pure jinternet idol AWESOMA!

Talk about non-sequiturs in appearance and performance.


Hamilton gets stuffed.

21 07 2007

Into the tirewall at the Nurburgring in the third session of Qualifying for the European GP!

Replays show an apparent right front tire failure, Lewis Hamilton losing control and veering right and off track and into the tirewall. Looks like he was a bit shaken by it.

This doesn’t bode well for a continued podium streak at the race tomorrow, but knowing Hamilton’s aggressiveness he will certainly give it a go.

Edit: He was carried off the track on a stretcher with what looks like an IV bag, but he was giving a thumbs up sign and waving. Not sure if he’s racing tomorrow. Dang.

Formula One British GP 2007 (and other F1 snippets)

20 07 2007

Okay, so I’m a bit late to this party (almost two weeks).

It was a good race, and finally everyone gets to see that Super Rookie Hamilton can (and will) make mistakes every now and then, like trying to pull off a quick pitstop getaway while the lollipop is still in front of him. Christijan Albers jumped the gun in the same way and took half of his refuelling rig along with him to retirement, and he’s since lost his job; well he lost his Spyker seat because of an alleged misunderstanding with one of his personal sponsors, but making your car look like it’s got some giant mutant bloodsucking worm on it in the French GP surely added salt to the wounds. Plus he’s been consistently outqualified by his Spyker team mate, Adrian Sutil.

Lewis miraculously pulled up a fast qualifying lap to bag final P1, even if he was slower during the Practice sessions and first two rounds of qualifying. He just didn’t have the pace during the race. Still he was in third place and his podium place streak continues.

And oh yeah, he’s got the flu. Must be a slow day in the F1 newsroom.

The British GP was overshadowed by Stepneygate, the scandal that rocked F1, but there were no signs that the drivers or the teams have been affected much at that race. Of course, a lot has happened in two weeks, with notable things being that Honda is involved in the F1 industrial espionage case, and that the sport’s governing body FIA has summoned McLaren for investigation.

In other news, Super Aguri didn’t do so well on this one.

On to other stuff… like the absence of the USGP next year. Seems like Indianapolis Motor Speedway boss Tony George and F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone couldn’t agree to the terms to keep the USGP in the 2008 race calendar. I think it’s purely monetary (i.e. Bernie wants more of it).

Too bad.

But for those of us who also like two-wheeled racing, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will instead host a second US round of MotoGP, what is considered to be the Formula One of the motorcycle world. A bit of historical trivia here: The first ever race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was a motorcycle race, and MotoGP World Championship motorcycles return there 99 years after that race. Preparations are now being done to refit the F1 track at Indy to be suitable for MotoGP racing.

Ironically, if F1 does return to Indy, they may have to use the MotoGP track configuration.

And Lewis Does It Again!

8 07 2007

Amidst the brouhaha over the scandal that threatens to turn this F1 season upside-down, there is still that new-found excitement that we have come to expect every race weekend.

Lewis Hamilton shrugged off doubts over his ability to stake out the pole position in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, and pulled off a suspense-filled Q3 session yesterday be the first British driver get pole at his home race in 11-years.

This after everyone was looking at Kimi’s dominating practice times over the weekends, and Alonso’s very strong performance during the earlier Q1 and Q2 qualifying sessions. Alonso even tried to overtake Lewis coming out of the pitlane in Q3, but Hamilton wasn’t having any of it.

In other news, personal favorite Takuma Sato is second to the last on the grid, and his Super Aguri teammate, Anthony Davidson didn’t have a good day either with him running into the gravel and qualifying 19th.

Can’t wait for the 6 hours until the race!

iPod killed the Transformers Star.

6 07 2007

Ever wondered what happened to Megatron’s ever-loyal-yet-blackmailing-soldier-slash-tapedeck, Soundwave? He didn’t get into the new movie, but apparently he’s been up to something after the 1986 Transformers movie. (Video contains cusswords and innuendos. Stay away, kiddies!)

Kids don’t even know what cassettes are. Lots of them don’t even buy CDs anymore… They use iPo…” *Click*


And just in case you DON’T KNOW what a tape CASSETTE is (there might be quite a few of you out there), it’s magnetic tape spooled around two reels in a plastic case, used to store analog audio and some data stuff long long ago. Like what you use in miniDV cameras and data archiving, expect that they’re prone to tape entanglement that frequently resulted in the user tearing apart the cassette and ripping out the tapes like entrails from an animal carcass.

An audio tape cassette containing the sounds of my life (make your own at!):

Jinternets Cassette

You play them on a “tapedeck” like the Sony Walkman below. Yessirree kids, the Walkman has been around since the dinosaurs ruled the planet, and the name didn’t start with the Sony MP3 player or the mobilephone gimmick of Sony and Ericsson.

Sony Walkman

Get the straightdope on Cassettes here, and on Soundwave here.

Formula One French GP 2007

3 07 2007

Ferrari’s Back!

Ferrari Flag

Or so it seems that way with a scarlet 1-2 at the Circuit de Nevers at Magny Cours, but we’ve seen signs of that resurgence in the USGP a couple of weeks back. And hey, Kimi’s back too, pulling a Schumi-esqe pitstop that catapulted him over teammate Felipe Massa to the front of the grid. He also overtaked Mclaren’s Lewis Hamilton at the start of the race to gain second place. Bear in mind though that the Mclaren’s weren’t running on top-spec with their engines allegedly on “safety mode”, and that they did try for a more conservative 3-stop strategy. And oh, McLaren Team Principal Ron Dennis is saying something about Ferrari not being good as they looked.

Lewis also pulled off a nail-biting move over Robert Kubica right after his second pitstop. Lewis came out of the pits and found Kubica alongside him with the inside line. They raced wheel to wheel and got really close, but Lewis prevailed in the end. (Hey good to see Kubica back in action after the horrific 180kph crash at the Canadian Grand Prix!).

Fernando Alonso wasn’t too shabby too this time around, dishing out an overtake move on Nick Heidfeld at the tight chicane, showing why he is a World Champion. If he keeps this up, and channels his frustration into properly chasing Hamilton, then we’d have good races for the rest of the season.

Super Aguri driver Anthony Davidson got pranged by Liuzzi’s wayward car and they were out early on. Personal favorite Takuma Sato got 16th place from his starting position at the back of the grid (he got a 10-place demotion courtesy of his overtaking of Jenson Button at the USGP while Ralf got away scot-free after he took out two other cars. Not fair!), and this was mostly due to those drivers who dropped out of the race. Not a good Sunday to cap a weekend full of mechanical issues for Super Aguri.

In other news, Jenson Button got the Honda works team’s first ever Championship point. Finally. Their B-Team, Super Aguri, has got 4 points with last year’s Honda car!

This is the last F1 race to be run at this particular track, and to a lot of people the Circuit de Nevers is not something really memorable. That’s not the case for me. This racetrack has forever ingrained itself in my memories as the place where Albers tore out the refuelling rig hose connected to his Spyker (check the link out, there’s a Pic!); why he was in such a rush to get back out on track and not pay attention to the Lollipop Man is still unknown. Comedy Gold.

The Transformers Movie

30 06 2007


 That’s all I could say after watching the live-action Transformers movie. In fact’s that’s all I thought to myself while watching it last night, the second night it’s been in the theaters where I am.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. In spite of the tantalizing teasers and the really wicked transformation sequences in the trailers, as a really big fan of the original series I went into the theater fully prepared to be disappointed (hey, only Optimus Prime looked remotely like anything in the Transformers universe I grew up with).

Transformers 2007 Movie Optimus Prime

But. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. 

I don’t even know where to begins, so I’ll just ramble about it:

  • Peter Cullen! No one else can do Prime.
  • Hugo Weaving makes a decent Megatron. But Frank Welker is missed.
  • CGI sequences are nicely done. This is how robot movies should be made.
  • Keep your eyes wide open all throughout (prop your eyelids up with toothpicks or tape them up with duct tape) as there are frenetic sequences and you might miss out on stuff. 
  • An echo from the original 1986 Transformers: The Movie. One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall.
  • They nailed Ironhide’s personality.
  • The characters just look absolutely alien. It might take some getting used to, but I did like them when I saw them in action.
  • Never realized some of the Transformers used projectile/ammunitioned weapons that blow holes in armor. I guess that’s because they were all children’s TV-friendly LAZORRRR beams that didn’t really hurt anyone until the carnage that was the 1986 Transformers: The Movie.
  • Starscream is just bad-ass. We need more Starscream.
  • It’s got classic tunes by the The Cars, Marvin Gaye, and Player!

Overall, I had a great time. Some slow parts, as my friend Pimplepopper has already told me, but the ultra-fast pacing of the action sequences more than make up for it.

Hope this becomes a blockbuster in the US and elsewhere and justify a sequel. I need to watch that.

 Stop reading and go watch it now if it’s out in your town. For those in the US, just a few more days!

Probably everyone has seen the trailer, but here it is anyway: